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Title: The nutritional value and corn health benefits

Summary: Maize, also called Persian Fruit, is a one-year-old plant with a right stem, with a height of up to four meters. The corn is a native plant of Central America and Mexico, and has come from elsewhere in the world.

? Title: What are starchy properties of corn

Summary: Given the high importance and properties of corn starch, around 25% of the world's net corn produce is used annually to feed humans. The mixture of corn flour and wheat flour is also used in bread making and confectionery

Title: Miracle Glucose Syrup in the Pastry Industry

Summary: Glucose syrup contains a protein that can be considered as the best substitute for sugar in sweeteners, and applications such as preventing crystallization of the product, modifying the taste of a lot of sweets in the confectionery industry .

Title: Corn Properties in Feeding Poultry

Summary: Maize is considered as a standard in comparison with other grains of cereal and other food ingredients. In many poultry diets, most of the metabolizable energy is supplied by corn.


Title: Corn Silage in Livestock Feeding

Summary: Due to its high carbohydrate content, corn silage has a higher quality than other types of silage, and usually it traps silage corn with greater relief. In fact, corn silage is used as the main ration for feeding dairy cattle..


Title: Corn Silage Methods

Summary: Climate change in our country has led to a limited use of green and fresh fodder in some areas due to cold seasons. In order to compensate for this limit, ranchers go for methods such as drying and silage.

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Tehran Gandomkob corporation was founded in 1982, the location of the Kordan factory in Karaj, with its headquarters in Tehran. The company has been active in the development of maize products in the form of corn flour, concentrates and poultry grain for the production of poultry, Macaroni and poultry feed. The raw materials of these products are made from corn, which are all approved by the Food Industry Organization of the food industry and are used after quality control tests in products.

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